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Vidzeme Planning Region launched first activities of participatory budgeting pilot

"EmPaci" project partners from Latvia – Vidzeme Planning Region has started first participatory budgeting (PB) pilot implementation activities aiming to promote society’s participation in the development of cultural processes in the Vidzeme region.

At the end of 2019, a society vote was announced inviting every inhabitant of the region to express their opinion on cultural priorities that should receive funding within the Vidzeme Culture Program 2020. For the thirteenth year already, Vidzeme Planning Region will be implementing a culture program in the region where organizations can obtain funding for the implementation of the culture projects in the territory of the Vidzeme historical region. The program aims to promote balanced development of culture and art sectors and the preservation of cultural heritage in the country.

So far, cultural priorities have been set based on the views of industry experts, research, planning documents, as well as 12 years of experience implementing the program in Vidzeme. The results of society vote initiated by Vidzeme Planning Region was determinative defining the priority cultural fields where public initiative projects will be submitted to obtain funding for their idea realisation. A significant number of people took the opportunity to vote and the results now are included in the regulation of the Vidzeme Culture Program 2020.

The next steps of the PB pilot activities in Vidzeme will include the development of a voting platform to enable citizens to vote on the culture initiatives submitted. The results of the vote will be presented later to the Vidzeme culture program expert commission.

For more information:
Ieva Bīviņa
Communication Manager
Vidzeme Planning Region