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Panel "PB as a means for reshaping social-political-administrative relations" at IRSPM Conference 2022

During the next conference of the International Research Society of Public Management, some members of the  EmPaci team organize a panel on PB again. This year, the topic of the panel is: Participatory budgeting as a means for reshaping social-political-administrative relations

The detailed schedule of the panel on Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Session 1: Citizen Activation, 1 – 2.30 pm CEST

Citizen deliberation and empowerment: normative ideals or realistic goals for Participatory Budgeting? The role of citizens in PB processes

  • Mr. Yannick Drijfhout (presenter) and Dr. Hans Joosse (Both Netherlands - Erasmus University Rotterdam)

A village fund - a rural participatory budget and an instrument for activating residents in rural municipalities in Poland?

  • Dr. Monika Sidor (Poland - Maria Curie- Skłodowska University)

EmPaci and PBbase - Open platform for participatory budgeting research

  • Peter C. Lorson, Ellen Haustein, (both Germany - University of Rostock) and Lotta-Maria Sinervo (Finland - Tampere University)


Session 2: Institutional Perspectives, 3 – 4.30 pm CEST

When participatory budgeting clashes with organisational boundaries: Experiences from Finland

  • Dr. Lotta-Maria Sinervo, Dr. Pauliina Lehtonen, Ms. Kaisa Kurkela, Ms. Meri Pulkkinen (all Finland - Tampere University)

Comparing institutional coordination through Participatory Budget. The case of three cities in Latin America. Comparative politics and public policy transfer

  • Mrs. Janeth Midory Méndez (Mexico - City of Mexico), Prof. Jorge Culebro (Mexico - Metropolitan Auonomous University) and Dr. Benjamín Méndez Bahena (Mexico - National Poltechnical Institute)

Is the institutional entrepreneur an asset or a liability for participatory budgeting?

  • Dr. Giorgia Mattei and Ms. Valentina Santolamazza (both Italy - Roma Tre University), Prof. Giuseppe Grossi (Sweden - Kristianstad University)


Details on the panel can be found here: https://www.irspm.org/p09 and the conference registration can be done here: https://event.irspm2022.exordo.com/

Panel chair & review group chair:

Prof. Dr. Peter C. Lorson, University of Rostock (Germany) (Chair of the PBbase Board of Experts)

Panel co-chairs:

Ellen Haustein, University of Rostock (Germany), Hans-Henning Schult, University of Rostock (Germany), Jaroslav Dvorak, PhD, Klaipėda University (Lithuania), Lotta-Maria Sinervo, Tampere University (Finland),Pauliina Lehtonen, Tampere University (Finland)