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PBbase – Participatory budgeting networking afternoon 26.03.2022

Welcome to a participatory budgeting networking afternoon hosted by the PBbase-network's Finnish members on the 24th of March 2022 at 14-16.00 Finnish time (UTC+2). The participatory budgeting network PBbase is inviting you to join us with the theme ”Citizens and budgeting – beyond participatory budgeting?”. The event is open to everyone interested.

The event will be hosted by Dr. Lotta-Maria Sinervo from Tampere University online on Zoom. Registration closes on the 23rd of March, and a Zoom-link will be sent to all registered participants on the day of the event. Please use the form below to register:


The agenda for the event on the 24th of March at 14-16.00 Finnish time (UTC+2) is as follows:

14:00 Opening words, Lotta-Maria Sinervo (Tampere University)

14:05 Citizen Engagement in the Public Budgeting Process in the U.S.: New Mechanisms, Evolving Normative Perspectives, and Research Challenges, Carol Ebdon (University of Nebraska at Omaha)

14:35 Something to Learn from Almost 30 Years of PB in Italy, Luca Bartocci (University of Perugia)

15:05 Opening Up the Budgeting Process with PB - Lessons from Lahti, Finland, Meri Pulkkinen (Tampere University)

The event ends by 16:00.

Many municipalities and other stakeholders are currently planning or implementing participatory budgeting (PB). As PB is a joint effort, it is important to learn from others. Therefore the EmPaci - Empowering Participatory Budgeting in the Baltic Sea Region -project set up a PB-network called PBbase. The aim of this network is to share information and experiences regarding the implementation of participatory budgeting in different local settings.

More information regarding PBbase can be found on the EmPaci-website (English only): https://empaci.eu/index.php?id=124

If you have any questions regarding the event on the 24th of March, please feel free to contact: Lotta-Maria Sinervo from Tampere University (lotta-maria.sinervo@tuni.fi)


If you have any technical questions regarding the registration or attending the event on Zoom, please feel free to contact:

Meri Pulkkinen from Tampere University (meri.pulkkinen@tuni.fi)