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Date: 2020, April 20-22
City: Tampere
Country: Finland

2020, April 20-22: Panel on "Critical perspectives on participatory budgeting" at the 2020 IRSPM Annual Conference in Tampere, Finland


Date: 2019, October 15-18
City: Kaunas
Country: Lithuania

2019, October 15-18: Workshop: The value of the citizens‘ participation for cities governance, EmPaci Project, XV UBC General Conference in Kaunas

Date: 11 October 2019
City: Telšiai
Country: Lithuanian

In the Lithuanian Telšiai district municipality the event on citizens’ information about EmPaci project survey took place on 11 of October 2019.

Date: 1 October 2019
City: Bützow
Country: Germany

In the German municipality Bützow, a first citizen information event in took place. The event was organised by the NGO Pferdemarktquartier e.V., represented by Carsten Krüger from Bützow, i.e. one of the project partners.